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Lowry Endodontics

Dr. Rahim Karmali


Dr. Rahim Karmali

Lowry Endodontics

Compassion. Quality. Technology.


Our mission is simple.


We offer compassionate, world-class quality care using the best technology. 


We think it is more important to treat you carefully instead of quickly.   

We pride ourselves in making your care painless and predictable.   


Call 303-363-7668 to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Karmali is simply the best! He has a friendly, confident and caring manner that puts you immediately at ease. His work is fast, efficient and painless. He fit me in quickly when I was in pain, which I really appreciated, and followed up with a personal call. Couldn't ask for more.
Peter N.

Dr Karmali is outstanding and the environment and people are very supportive.
Martha K.

Great experience! Was expecting more pain and discomfort, but pleasantly surprised almost nothing. Keep up the good work!
William H.

I have had 11 Root Canals. Dr. Karmali is absolutely the best!!! I never felt an injection, experienced any pain related to the procedure. By far, Dr. Karmali is the most incrdible dentist there is. So calm, obviously highly educated in his field, explains in detail every process as he goes along, and the most magnificient detail, is the entire procedure is painless. One would think because of the nature and seriousness of the procedure, one would experience extreme pain, but, that was not the case. With that being said, I have never experienced such a professional, competent, incredible Dentist that is so knowledgable and that phones you early evening to see how you are progressing. I have experienced many years of dentistry, but, Dr. Kamali is absolutely without a doubt, Over-The-Top in every way. State of ther Art office with equipment that is definitely beyond light years away. **ADDED ATRACTION - Dr. Karmali is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!

Joanne K

Dr K has been proven to be one of the finest dental experiences I have ever had. I trust him and his team and refer people to his practice often.
Jake N.

This was my second root canal procedure with Dr. Karmali and his assistants. I will recommend him to friends and am confident seeing an Endodontist is preferable to allowing my regular dentist to perform this work. Dr. Karmali personally called me later the same day to check on my progress. He has gained my confidence and its clear he cares about his patients.
Norman M.

The experience I had with Lowry Endodontics was exceptional. I think Rahim is a gifted doctor and I highly recommend him.
Halee F.

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Denver, CO 80230

303-363-7668 (ROOT)

Rahim Karmali
Lowry Endodontics