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Dr. Rahim Karmali


Dr. Rahim Karmali

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Compassion. Quality. Technology.

If you are visiting us, it probably means that you were told that you need a root canal.  Well, don't be nervous.  We pride ourselves in making your care painless and predictable. 


Our mission is simple.


We are here to help you.   We offer compassionate, world-class quality care using the best technology. 


You deserve no compromises in your endodontic treatment.  Your evaluation and root canal treatment should be pain-free and careful.  You can expect a predictable and long lasting treatment.


If you are a new patient or a referring dentist, please call our office at 303-363-7668 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Karmali or to obtain your login information.



I cannot imagine a better experience in dealing with a Dr. regarding tooth issues. The professionalism, care and environment, along with the digital paperless office sets an example I wish all Dr''s could witness. now I know why my normal dentist has the highest praise for Rahim and his staff.

Bill R

Superb care at every step. I was always informed and treated with the upmost thoughtfulness, care and concern. I was impressed with cleanliness, and attention to techniques to prevent spread of any bacterial agent which could lead to an infection, etc. This office and Dr. Karmli are to be acknowledged and applauded for such a great environment and the excellence of the health care provided. High marks considering the procedure rendered-root canal.

Dirk M

Very rewarding having a doctor like Karmali because he goes through the extra effort to fully and successfully complete the treatment. He knows what he is going to do, tells you, and is very confident that it will work and as the patient makes me feel safer and also confident that I came to the right place! Thank you Dr. Karmali!

Connor Z

Really, there was no pain associated with the root canal treatment procedure I had on Tuesday. The level of discomfort was less than any dental procedure I have ever had.  Dental hygienists are far rougher that the root canal procedure. The evening after the root canal, I took some ibuprofen for background discomfort and have not taken anything since then.

Jeff V

Best endodontic tx I've ever had to date. Anesthesia was by far the best I'ved received since 'duration' is my main concern. For me a music lover, having Alicia Keys, Dave Matthew band and the like like sing to me while in the chair, is no comparison to hearing years of dental office elevator music!! (helped to relate to me) Dr. karmali's explanations were thoughtful and clear. Good luck to you all in your new digs!! P.S. Loved the digital thing u got going on! Thanks so much.

Kate M

Dr. Karmali's totally expert care extended even to thorough explanations of what and why he was doing each process . I appreciate so much his willingness to answer my questions regarding dental procedures and care. His total team is exceptional.

Ann S

I've received a lot of dental and endodontal care in my lifetime and without a question, the care I received from Dr Karmali was beyond compare! The entire staff was wonderful, and Dr Karmali was personable, engaging and concerned. I couldn't have asked for better care. The technology gave information instead of guessing. I'm still stunned that I HAD NO DISCOMFORT FROM THIS ROOT CANAL, even from the doctor's anesthesia injection. When has that ever happened? I now realize why everyone is so happy to see him! He is kind, knowledgeable, and inspires the greatest confidence. You never have to fear a root canal again. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Janice R

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