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Dr. Rahim Karmali


Dr. Rahim Karmali

Lowry Endodontics

Compassion. Quality. Technology.

If you are visiting us, it probably means that you were told that you need a root canal.  Well, don't be nervous.  We pride ourselves in making your care painless and predictable. 


Our mission is simple.


We are here to help you.   We offer compassionate, world-class quality care using the best technology. 


You deserve no compromises in your endodontic treatment.  Your evaluation and root canal treatment should be pain-free and careful.  You can expect a predictable and long lasting treatment.


If you are a new patient or a referring dentist, please call our office at 303-363-7668 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Karmali or to obtain your login information.



This was the best dental and endodontic experience ever!  I felt listened to, cared for, and it was completely painless (this was the first root canal I ever experienced like THAT!)

Tracy S.

Thank you, thank you! Your expertise is incredible along with your calming personality. I've never had any pain after or during my procedures. I would never go to anyone else! Thumbs up to Dr. Karmali.

Darragh J.

Lowry Endo is one of the most impressive practices I have ever encountered. Professonal, knowledgeable, skilled, and caring describe the attributes of all who provide care at this facility. I would highly recommend.

Patty O.

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Rahim Karmali
Lowry Endodontics