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If you are visiting us, it probably means that you were told that you need a root canal.  Well, don't be nervous.  We pride ourselves in making your care relaxed and comfortable.   We are here to help.


Our goal is to make no compromises in the quality of your evaluation and treatment.  We will treat you with compassion, making sure you are comfortable every step of the way.   We will spend as much time as needed to obtain the highest quality result.  Finally, we will use the safest, state of the art technology to ensure success.  All of this makes us proud to be one of the most advanced endodontic practices in the country.

We developed this website because we believe that you should be informed about your treatment and to give you the exceptional patient care you deserve.  If you are a new patient or a referring dentist, please call our office at 303-363-7668 to obtain your login information.


This was my first-ever root canal, and I'd put it off for 3 years because of the horror stories I'd heard, from family and friends, about how painful and horrible root canals are.

It was a "difficult" tooth  two roots, 2 "S" curves. Meetings with specialists transpired.

The first doctor said he couldn't do it because the roots were too curvy, and he'd break the file up inside the tooth. "Perhaps consider extraction," he said.

The second doctor said he didn't want to extract the tooth, because it was a perfectly good tooth  and that I should call Dr. Karmali, who specializes in difficult root canals.

Here we are, one day later. 2nd of 2 visits with the fine folks at Lowry Endodonics. Zero pain (zero! pain!) on either visit.

A few observations: All dentists should learn from Dr. Karmali how to do novacaine injections! That's usually the hardest / most painful part, in my experience with dentists and fillings.

As for the drilling and all of that? On both times, I had to consciously remind myself not to continue falling asleep, because one of those "head-jerk" things could happen, and it seems inadvisable to jerk the head when a guy has a drill pointed up your tooth toward your brains. ;-)

Seriously. It was almost ... relaxing. What! A relaxing root canal?

For these reasons, I give Dr. Karmali and his staff two big thumbs up. Don't go anywhere else. Unless you're into pain. :-)

Leslie E.

Lowry Endo is one of the most impressive practices I have ever encountered. Professonal, knowledgeable, skilled, and caring describe the attributes of all who provide care at this facility. I would highly recommend.

Patty O.

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for excellent  and equally fine patient care.  The films show great skill and the patient feedback has been very complimentary and grateful.  (I look like a "genius" for referring them to your care!)  Thanks.

Dr. M.