Endodontic Diagnosis

It is the goal of our endodontic team to help you save your natural teeth. While implants or bridges are an option to replace missing teeth, it is often best to do whatever possible to save your natural tooth. Saving your own tooth is often much less invasive and expensive than removing it and replacing it. 

Dr. Rahim Karmali has a careful and conservative approach to diagnosis. At your evaluation, Dr. Karmali will help you determine the cause of your problem, why it occurred, and what the different treatment options are. Oftentimes, there are simpler and less expensive options for managing your unique circumstances. Dr. Karmali and the team at Lowry Endodontics will customize a treatment course that will give you the best possible outcome in the most conservative manner.  

Dr. Karmali and his team work closely with the very best dentists in the area. He also welcomes self-referred patients who just want or need a very high level of specialist care.  

Schedule Your Endodontic Diagnosis Today

If you have dental pain, infection, cracked your tooth, or experienced trauma; timing is especially important. The longer you go without the proper treatment, the greater the chance of pain, swelling, or more serious consequences. The Lowry Endodontics team wants to help you.  

Schedule your diagnostic evaluation as soon as possible. The Lowry Endodontics team will do whatever they can to fit you into the first available opening.