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"Very professional! The most painless visit to the Dentist I have had in years. Goes out of his way to make sure you’re having a good experience. He has put together a great office staff as well. Thanks for making my experience a good one. I would definitely recommend him.’"

Max W.

"I was very pleased with the care I received with Dr. Rahim Karmali and his staff. They were all very professional, answered my questions, and helped ease my concerns. I was very worried about this treatment. The procedure went perfectly: no pain, no discomfort & a positive outcome. If I should have needs for another root canal, I will definitely call Dr. Karmali."

Camilla P.

"Dr. Karmali is a very skilled endodontist. I had to have 2 teeth get re-root canal work. He is an expert at the procedures and at giving local anesthesia. Everything was explained to me. The staff is very professional and very nice. The procedure was painless and bonus - Dr. Karmali plays great music. Highly recommend."

Betsy B.

I would highly recommend Lowry Endodontics for your oral care. I was seen immediately when pain developed, was given a thorough evaluation and treatment plan, and treated with kindness and respect. I will go back to this practice whenever I need endodontic care. Dr. Karmali and his team are the utmost professionals and really good people.’

Teri A.


First and only root canal I’ve ever had. My issue didn’t “present” itself In a typical way. This team was great from beginning to end, everyone was patient and clearly explained everything to me. Dr. Karmali in particular was very kind and thoughtful about the course of action, which was successful, I’m very glad to say. Highly recommend.

Chris A.


Dr. Karmali takes time to explain every detail and answer any questions you might have. My consultation and root canal were able to happen on the same day which I was so great for. I couldn’t recommend this practice enough nor do I have enough great things to say about it. I could go on but just know that your mouth and mind will be at ease with the professionalism and empathy conveyed at this office. Thank you all for doing such great work!

Shannon M.


Although this was my first root canal procedure, Dr. Karmali and his staff made my visit a pleasure. They are professional, courteous, and friendly, which helped alleviate any concerns that I had about the procedure. Dr. Karmali reviewed his analysis from my first, prior visit, and then proceeded in a highly efficient and professional manner. I highly recommend Lowry Endodontics to anyone who unfortunately will need to undergo this procedure. I’m very satisfied to know that my problem has been addressed and I now can relax.

Dan P.


I am blessed to have found Lowry Endodontics and would highly recommend Dr. Karmali. For sure a 10+ experience in ALL aspects. Thank you Dr. Karmali and staff.

Laurie A.


Dr. Karmali is simply the best! He has a friendly, confident and caring manner that puts you immediately at ease. His work is fast, efficient and painless. He fit me in quickly when I was in pain, which I really appreciated, and followed up with a personal call. Couldn't ask for more.
Peter N.


Dr Karmali is outstanding and the environment and people are very supportive.
Martha K.


Great experience! Was expecting more pain and discomfort, but pleasantly surprised almost nothing. Keep up the good work!
William H.


I have had 11 Root Canals. Dr. Karmali is absolutely the best!!! I never felt an injection, experienced any pain related to the procedure. By far, Dr. Karmali is the most incrdible dentist there is. So calm, obviously highly educated in his field, explains in detail every process as he goes along, and the most magnificient detail, is the entire procedure is painless. One would think because of the nature and seriousness of the procedure, one would experience extreme pain, but, that was not the case. With that being said, I have never experienced such a professional, competent, incredible Dentist that is so knowledgable and that phones you early evening to see how you are progressing. I have experienced many years of dentistry, but, Dr. Kamali is absolutely without a doubt, Over-The-Top in every way. State of ther Art office with equipment that is definitely beyond light years away. **ADDED ATRACTION - Dr. Karmali is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!

Joanne K


Dr K has been proven to be one of the finest dental experiences I have ever had. I trust him and his team and refer people to his practice often.
Jake N.


This was my second root canal procedure with Dr. Karmali and his assistants. I will recommend him to friends and am confident seeing an Endodontist is preferable to allowing my regular dentist to perform this work. Dr. Karmali personally called me later the same day to check on my progress. He has gained my confidence and its clear he cares about his patients.
Norman M.


The experience I had with Lowry Endodontics was exceptional. I think Rahim is a gifted doctor and I highly recommend him.
Halee F.


Wonderful care, happy with everything! You have to be the best endodontist in Colorado!
Cheryl B.



I really appreciate your caring and attentive approach and your great skill.

Susan M.

It's no longer necessary to dread a root-canal procedure. Dr. K's ever-evolving, state-of-the art artistry has shrunk treatment from many hours for each visit to approximately one. The amazing technology he employs is fascinating to watch in action, along with his amazing craftsmanship and dedication to his profession.

Bookie L.

I almost enjoyed the appointment, which I have never said about a dentist. Seeing the xrays and photos of what was done was interesting. It gave me a better understanding of what was done. Checking on me later in the evening was very sweeta very nice change from previous experiences with dentists! Keep up the good work!

Johelen L.

Thank you for both the wonderful care and your ethics!

Andi K.

Recommend Dr. Karmali without any hesitation!

Jil J.

I would recommend your practice highly!

Daniel V.

I felt very comfortable discussing my concerns with Dr. Karmali and he was very patient with me and listened to what I had to say. I was shocked how easy my root canal was as everyone talks about how painful and terrible they are.

Mandy G

Dr. Karmali, you are the BEST endodontist in town! I'm sure there are others that are highly competent as you, but what sets you apart is your calm demeanor, obvious concern for your patients' comfort, TLC all the way around (including your staff!) The thorough explanations you provided through the 2-visit process was also unique in my experience of root canals and I really appreciated it! Thanks for everything!

Teresa T.


Jeff P

Dr. Karmali and his staff are the best. The care I have received and the attention to detail through my process, including the follow up call to see if I was doing fine, was great! I have nothing but praise for the work Dr. Karmali did on my two root canals and will not hesitate to refer others to him. Thank you for helping me live a pain-free life when it comes to my dental.

Joe S.

Very rewarding having a doctor like Karmali because he goes through the extra effort to fully and successfully complete the treatment. He knows what he is going to do, tells you, and is very confident that it will work and as the patient makes me feel safer and also confident that I came to the right place! Thank you Dr. Karmali!

Connor Z

Really, there was no pain associated with the root canal treatment procedure I had on Tuesday. The level of discomfort was less than any dental procedure I have ever had.  Dental hygienists are far rougher that the root canal procedure. The evening after the root canal, I took some ibuprofen for background discomfort and have not taken anything since then.

Jeff V

Best endodontic tx I've ever had to date. Anesthesia was by far the best I'ved received since 'duration' is my main concern. For me a music lover, having Alicia Keys, Dave Matthew band and the like like sing to me while in the chair, is no comparison to hearing years of dental office elevator music!! (helped to relate to me) Dr. karmali's explanations were thoughtful and clear. Good luck to you all in your new digs!! P.S. Loved the digital thing u got going on! Thanks so much.

Kate M
You're my Hero, Dr. K!
Teresa T

Superb care at every step. I was always informed and treated with the upmost thoughtfulness, care and concern. I was impressed with cleanliness, and attention to techniques to prevent spread of any bacterial agent which could lead to an infection, etc. This office and Dr. Karmli are to be acknowledged and applauded for such a great environment and the excellence of the health care provided. High marks considering the procedure rendered-root canal.

Dirk M

I cannot imagine a better experience in dealing with a Dr. regarding tooth issues. The professionalism, care and environment, along with the digital paperless office sets an example I wish all Dr''s could witness. now I know why my normal dentist has the highest praise for Rahim and his staff.

Bill R

This is one of the best dental care I ever had. Amazing staff, clean and well organized office,all digital equipment.... Just awesome. The cherry on top of it all was that Dr himself called to check on me three hours later. He sure does Care about his patients.

Beauty J.

Dr. Karmali's totally expert care extended even to thorough explanations of what and why he was doing each process . I appreciate so much his willingness to answer my questions regarding dental procedures and care. His total team is exceptional.

Ann S

I've received a lot of dental and endodontal care in my lifetime and without a question, the care I received from Dr Karmali was beyond compare! The entire staff was wonderful, and Dr Karmali was personable, engaging and concerned. I couldn't have asked for better care. The technology gave information instead of guessing. I'm still stunned that I HAD NO DISCOMFORT FROM THIS ROOT CANAL, even from the doctor's anesthesia injection. When has that ever happened? I now realize why everyone is so happy to see him! He is kind, knowledgeable, and inspires the greatest confidence. You never have to fear a root canal again. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Janice R

I have been very pleased with the care I have received at your office. All personnel have been competent, pleasant and helpful.

Barb Y

This was the first time ever I didn''t feel pinches from the injection of the anesthesia.

Debra W

I have been treated for dental problems all over the United States and this by far was the best dental experience I have had. Everyone was great.

Barbara U

Loved that I received a call the day of my proceedure to let me know that you were running 15 minutes late. Appreciate not having to wait in the waiting room for a extended period of time.

Alissa T

My Preoperative apprehension was greatly aleviated by my experience. Thank you, everyone.

Fred T

I doubt anyone would describe a root canal procedure as being fun. But hard to imagine better physical and mental care

Robert K

Great experience from initial consultation to the end of the procedure.

Tony U

Very satisfied. While I hope I don't have to see you all again, you were all wonderful and I am pleased with the outcome of my procedures!

Jamee S

So very compasinate and caring, the entire staff. I''m very gratefull for the wonderful care. The Dr. calling me daily after treatment was amazing and appreciated.

Kristi R

Dr. Karmali resolved my problem with a previous root canal that the original dentist did not. He provided me with options for my treatment, precisely told me what to expect during the course of treatment, and provided spectacular care during the treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Karmali and his team!

Morris C
Dr. Karmali is concerned about his patients. He explains your procedure clearly and ensures that you have no question prior to, during , or after your procedure. He and his staff demonstrate care and professionalism at all times. He said their would be no pain during the procedure and there wasn't.
Chris M

I have had a great experience with Dr. Karmali and his staff. I will recommend the doctor and his practice to anyone looking for a kind, extremely competent endodontist!

Gary T

Dr. Karmali and staff were very kind, caring and professional. I feel like I was very well care for and the tooth does not bother me in the least! I am very pleased to not have to think about tooth pain or sensitivity anymore.

Teressa M

Thanks for explaining everything so thoroughly. The only pain I experienced was next a.m., which was minor, and hasn''t recurred since the 2 Ibruprophen I took that a.m. Dr. Karmali is a genius with injections! Thanks also for the follow-up phone call. See you in April.

Jane M

The kindness and patience shown to me was beyond wonderful....I think I can have this procedure done again and again and again without any anxiety. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Winnie M

Running around telling everyone how wonderful your office is. I am so very excited about saving my tooth!!!!! Thank you again for all of your compassion.

Marc W

This was one of the most comfortable dental visit I have experienced and I have been to quite a few. I would recommend Dr. Karmali to anyone. Thank you for the great treatment.

Bridgette M

Dr. Karmali, Thank you (and your wonderful staff) for your willingness to take on my "less than textbook" problem. Your willingness to listen, combined with your considerable skill and compassion is very much appreciated.

Laura L

Could not have been happier with the no pain professional exercise and most impressed that the Dr. called me at home after the initial procedure of my root canal to see how I was doing. I would recommend Dr. Karmali and his staff to anyone I would know about their superb treatment of patients.

Judith L

Dr Karmali is by far the most thorough Dr I have experienced. He is the only administer of Novacaine ever, that was pain fre

Gerald K

This by far the very best experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend Lowry Endodontic to everyone seeking an outstanding dental treatment experience. Thanks so very much.

Eugene J

I was unconditionally impressed with your office from the great décor and state-of-the-art equipment to every member of your very welcoming, compassionate, competent, and professional team. Thank you to everyone for making the experience as painless and pleasant as possible for this somewhat "dental procedure-phobic" patient. Most importantly, thank you, Dr. Karmali, for your very evident superior skills and your willingness and ability to save a tooth which was headed for extraction. I very much doubt that the outcome would have been as good had I gone anywhere else, and am extremely grateful for all of your hard work and amazing talents.

Madeleine S

Such expertise, gentleness and kindness are not often found. I appreciated that my personal cares and just plain fears were respected and explanations were given to help me understand what was happening. I feel that I was a poor patient and was blessed to have a super competent Endodontist and staff helping me to get better.

Barbara H

Your entire team is wonderful. The thoroughness of my diagnosis was very impressive, informative, and just really cool to see.  I can''t thank you enough for fitting me in as soon as you did. You guys ROCK!! I will be sending everyone I know who is in need of your services.

Carissa A

Dr. Karmali has seen me through 2 difficult procedures now, and I am grateful for his skill and compassion. I would definitely return should I need his services again. Excellent!

Lana G

Dr. Karmali - With all due respect to the many people who have provided great medical or dental care for me, the expertise and quality of care that I received from you is unmatched in my lifetime. Thank you for apparently solving a big healthcare issue of mine. Your office should be an example for any health practitioner...and a tough act to follow.

Dave H

Dr. Karmali combines professionalism, a gentle approach, and an excellent bedside mannner to empower and educate his patients. His thoroughness and care were impressive. Excellent experience.

Ray G

You guys rock. This was my 3rd root canal over the years. This was far and away the best experience I've had with a root canal. Thanks for the quick adjustment after the tooth infection settled down.

Jim F

I was very impressed with your staff and Dr. Karmali''s expertise. Everyone was very engaged and caring. State of the art equipment. I would recommend your office to anyone.

Carol D

Dr. Karmali and his staff are excellent, caring and professional. I experienced no pain during the root canal and no pain after the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Karmali to all my friends.

James C

I appreciated the way that all my options were presented to me, and how straight forward and honest Dr. Karmali was about treatment and expectations. I am very pleased with the outcome. I want to thank Dr. Karmali and his wonderful staff for the great job they did.

Kirste K

Great job. The professional's professional!

Robert B

A true PRO with an OUTSTANDING reputation that is well deserved. I was given the facts and a course of action and it was executed to perfection. My experience could not have been better -thank you

Bill A

I felt my procedure with Dr. Karmali was handled as perfectly as any procedure of its type could have been. Having had this procedure before, I will say Dr. Karmali exceeded all my expectations and is an excellent clinician, as well as a practitioner with integrity and compassion for his patients. His personal warmth as well as his professionalism with both patients and staff made me feel I was part of a team that had only my best interests in mind. Thank you very much.

Deborah M.

This was the best dental and endodontic experience ever!  I felt listened to, cared for, and it was completely painless (this was the first root canal I ever experienced like THAT!)

Tracy S.

Thank you, thank you! Your expertise is incredible along with your calming personality. I've never had any pain after or during my procedures. I would never go to anyone else! Thumbs up to Dr. Karmali.

Darragh J.

Lowry Endo is one of the most impressive practices I have ever encountered. Professonal, knowledgeable, skilled, and caring describe the attributes of all who provide care at this facility. I would highly recommend.

Patty O.

Dr. Karmali has provided me with the BEST endodontic treatment I've ever received  and that would include several other visits with other specialists. I am thrilled that his practice was so highly recommended by my dentist: another great professional who only refers patients to outstanding colleagues  i.e., expertise, knowledge, ethics and gentle care. Best endodontic treatment ever!!

Tia G.

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for excellent  and equally fine patient care.  The films show great skill and the patient feedback has been very complimentary and grateful.  (I look like a "genius" for referring them to your care!)  Thanks.

Dr. M.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and consideration. Usual cocktail conversation is the best trainer or stylist or designer that you simply have to try.  Mine will be the best Endodontist!!! From your office design, to your staff, to your exceptional care - All in all, at not such a very good time, a great experience.

Kathleen B.

This was my first-ever root canal, and I'd put it off for 3 years because of the horror stories I'd heard, from family and friends, about how painful and horrible root canals are.

It was a "difficult" tooth  two roots, 2 "S" curves. Meetings with specialists transpired.

The first doctor said he couldn't do it because the roots were too curvy, and he'd break the file up inside the tooth. "Perhaps consider extraction," he said.

The second doctor said he didn't want to extract the tooth, because it was a perfectly good tooth  and that I should call Dr. Karmali, who specializes in difficult root canals.

Here we are, one day later. 2nd of 2 visits with the fine folks at Lowry Endodonics. Zero pain (zero! pain!) on either visit.

A few observations: All dentists should learn from Dr. Karmali how to do novacaine injections! That's usually the hardest / most painful part, in my experience with dentists and fillings.

As for the drilling and all of that? On both times, I had to consciously remind myself not to continue falling asleep, because one of those "head-jerk" things could happen, and it seems inadvisable to jerk the head when a guy has a drill pointed up your tooth toward your brains. 😉

Seriously. It was almost ... relaxing. What! A relaxing root canal?

For these reasons, I give Dr. Karmali and his staff two big thumbs up. Don't go anywhere else. Unless you're into pain. 🙂

Leslie E.

 I just want to say "THANK YOU" for taking care of my teeth and me.  Your skills at what you do are greatly appreciated!  I don't know if I would have gone anywhere else I would have had the same outcome.  And as a bonus your "bedside manner" is wonderful; that is a great skill in itself.  You easied my nervousness and worries through the entire process.  And it was a long process, but I am glad I had the work done.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep these teeth forever!  You, Lisa and Yazmin were all so kind.  Thank you!  I will miss coming to your office every week and seeing your smiling faces; you all made it bearable.


Dr. Karmali resolved my problem with a previous root canal that the original dentist did not.  He provided me with options for my treatment, precisely told me what to expect during the course of treatment, and provided spectacular care during the treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Karmali and his team!

Chris M

I had no pain at all after the root canal.  I really did not believe
you could make it painless but you certainly did!!  Though I am not
excited about the next one, I am not terrified.

One of our docs has bad teeth and I told her I found a painless root
canal doc.  She said, "Is his name, Dr. Karmali?"  I guess you are
becoming famous.

Sharon J.

Thank you for the painless dental experiences over the past two weeks.  Your superior level of skill and care surpassed my expectations.

Becki S.

This was one of the most comfortable dental visits I have experienced and I have been to quite a few. I would recommend.

Brigette M.

Dr. Karmali clearly takes great pride in his tradecraft, and exudes an impression of competence that's deeply reassuring.

John A.

I love the attention to detail and the follow-up care I received. Additionally, Dr Karmali promised he would work hard to make sure it was a pain free procedure and he delivered! Completely eased my fears of a root canal. Excellent office, staff and service. I also appreciate the conservative approach.

Melissa K.

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