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Lowry Endodontics

Dr. Rahim Karmali


Dr. Rahim Karmali

Lowry Endodontics


Resorptions are challenging to predictably manage.  This is a case where multiple cycles of disinfection were required to obtain osseous regeneration.  Comparative CBCT in the medicament phase shows the bone regenerating.  The last two images are the post-op and the 6 month follow up.  The patient is ecstatic that we were able to resolve the infection and preserve his natural dentition. 

Posted:  4/29/2015 11:59 AM
Retreatment and Repair

This patient fractured her front tooth.  The crown was only 2 years old.  Extraction and implant placement was recommended.  It would have been a challenging case esthetically.  We were able to retreat the contaminated root canal.  Posts were placed for reinforcement.  We were able to use the existing crown by retrofitting it.  We managed the occlusion to mitigate the risk of future fracture. 

Posted:  3/3/2015 7:57 AM
Bleaching and Healing

A root canal infection can cause tooth discoloration and a tremendous amount of bone loss.  The tooth can be effectively bleached.  With careful treatment, we can predictably get the bone to heal. 

Posted:  1/23/2015 10:35 AM
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Lowry Endodontics