Learn More About the Laser Root Canal Therapy Offered at Lowry Endo

When you need root canal treatment, you should find a provider that offers the most cutting-edge and effective technology available.  At Lowry Endodontics in Denver, Colorado, we use laser root canal therapy to improve cleaning and reduce bacteria inside the treated tooth. Does using lasers make a difference?  In a word, yes.  The laser allows for a more efficient, painless, and predictable outcome.  

What Is the Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser?

The Fotona Lightwalker dental laser is an advanced tool used to clean and disinfect the inside of your tooth. Because this laser is so effective at disinfection, Dr. Karmali uses it for all his endodontic procedures. It can more effectively clean out infected pulp than using disinfectant alone.

How Does the Fotona Lightwalker Dental Laser Work?

The Fotona Lightwalker dental laser uses the SWEEPS system. This acronym stands for shock wave enhanced photo-acoustic streaming. Instead of touching the tooth’s interior, the laser sends out sound waves that churn the disinfecting irrigation fluid, helping to scrub off the tooth’s interior. By incorporating the Fotona Lightwalker dental laser into the root canal process, the disinfecting agent can remove more bacteria and debris from inside the root canals.

How Does Laser Root Canal Therapy Work?

During conventional root canal therapy, the endodontist opens the tooth and fills the canals with disinfectant. They then use files to clean out the tooth’s interior. With laser root canal therapy, the process starts the same as traditional treatments. However, after using files, the endodontist uses the Fotona Lightwalker dental laser to send shock waves through the disinfectant agent. The waves enhance the cleaning impact of the agent, removing more debris from deep within the root canals, even in teeth with the most difficult-to-reach spaces.

Following the cleaning, the endodontist inserts inert material into the root canals to fill and seal them. Then, they add restorative material on top to close off the tooth.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Root Canal Therapy?

Investing in a dental laser helps our practice offer better care and our patients to have improved treatments. In fact, there are several advantages to having laser root canal therapy from a qualified, compassionate endodontist like Dr. Karmali.

Improved Success

First, the chances of root canal success improve. Failures of the procedure most often occur when the cleaning process misses bacteria or does not thoroughly remove all debris from inside the tooth. Any leftover matter could cause a secondary infection, requiring endodontic retreatment. This procedure opens the tooth again and removes the material inserted after the initial root canal. Then, the endodontist recleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth before sealing it again.

Fewer Treatments

Because the cleaning method with a laser happens quickly, patients may need fewer treatments. Some patients may only need one appointment for their root canal therapy instead of two or more. Individual tooth anatomy and the extent of the issue make a difference in how many appointments the patient will need. Therefore, the number of treatments will depend on the endodontist’s assessment of the tooth and its needs to produce the best outcome.

Improved Cleaning

As noted, cleaning with a dental laser that augments the disinfecting agent gives a more thorough clean than the agent alone. A cleaner root canal after the procedure can result in the next benefit, fewer complications.

Fewer Complications

Missing areas of the root canal to treat or leaving behind bacteria can lead to complications, such as secondary infections. However, laser treatment reduces the chances of these complications. Plus, patients don’t feel pain from the application of the laser.

Better, More Predictable Outcomes

For Dr. Karmali, the benefits of laser root canal therapy include more predictable and better outcomes for his patients. He wants to provide the best quality care possible. He can offer this caliber of care by leveraging the most high-tech endodontic tools available in all procedures he performs.  

Other Technological Tools Used at Lowry Endodontics

The Fotona Lightwalker dental laser is not the only tool that we use at Lowry Endodontics. In fact, during a root canal treatment, patients will experience more of the proven high-tech tools that we utilize.

For instance, we use digital methods of collecting and viewing x-rays and tooth images. Our endodontist can see better images with digital radiography. Plus, patients have exposure to 90% less radiation, keeping them healthier for life. Some patients may require additional imaging from cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scan.  This scan gives a detailed and precise image of the mouth’s interior.  This enhanced imaging allows Dr. Karmali to determine if tx is your best option.  If treatment is needed, it gives Dr. Karmali an accurate road map of the tooth’s anatomy.  Your treatment will be more efficient, precise, and predictable.  Dr.  Karmali may recommend extra imaging with cone beam CT for a three-dimensional view depending on the findings or the patient’s symptoms.

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